Aliexpress Affiliates

AliExpress Affiliate Program

The Aliexpress affiliate program is one of the best known worldwide. Aliexpress is a leader in online sales and this has a direct impact on the income of the affiliates who promote their products.

First of all we have to clarify that AliExpress belongs to the company China Alibaba, one of the companies with the highest turnover in the world and that is dedicated to international online wholesale trade.

While in Alibaba customers are wholesalers who buy lots of products in more or less large quantities, Aliexpress is designed for private customers who can buy products from a single unit.

Aliexpress more than an online store, is a marketplace or great market where thousands of sellers from around the world converge (although mostly Chinese) to sell millions of products of all kinds to any part of the planet.

What is the success of AliExpress?

No doubt there are two factors that make him so famous:

  • The incredible prices
  • Free shipping (mostly) anywhere in the world

With these precedents, the AliExpress affiliate program is bound to attract so much attention among webmasters who are dedicated to making money on the Internet.
It has it all:

  • A giant company with millions of products in all kinds of categories
  • An impressive level of sales due to such tight prices and global shipments
  • An affiliate program that is very easy to manage and has the potential to generate significant profits

In Spain alone, the level of searches for the “AliExpress” keyword on Google is around 4 million/month, thus surpassing other renowned marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay.

AliExpress is in vogue and more and more users are shopping there.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of being an AliExpress affiliate?

The main advantage of being an affiliate of Aliexpress is its enormous sales volume. Almost everyone knows Aliexpress and very few people have any qualms about buying in this mega-market. Everything you can think of, you will surely find it in their online store. In addition, their seller rating system (similar to eBay) makes it unlikely that the customer will have any problems with the purchase.

As with Amazon, payment when buying at Aliexpress does not go directly to the seller but is retained by Aliexpress until the customer has received the merchandise and is satisfied with the transaction.

All this generates confidence in the buyer and therefore the possibilities of earning commissions with your affiliate program increase.

Both registration in the Aliexpress affiliate program and its subsequent management through its control panel is extremely simple and can be summarized as “take the links, promote your products and make money”.

As disadvantages we could mention that the delivery times of the products sometimes can be a little long and until the customer has not received the goods and gives the approval (maximum in 60 days) the payment is not released to the seller and therefore the commission is not confirmed either.

Let’s explain how the Aliexpress affiliate program works

1. What is the Aliexpress affiliate portal?

Aliexpress offers a great platform to earn money through affiliate marketing. This program is totally free and you can get banners and links to promote AliExpress products and vendors. Once a link or banner is placed on your website (whether it’s a blog, social network, forum, email or any other online medium) you receive a commission if the result is a sale of any Aliexpress product.

2. How does the Aliexpress portal register transactions?

The registration is carried out by means of cookies. If a buyer comes to AliExpres from one of your links, he will have a cookie in his browser that will indicate to Aliexpress that he is coming from you and you will get a commission for each purchase that this customer makes.

3. Is it possible to customize the affiliate links?

You can add certain “tags” to the affiliate links to get them to the place you want inside Aliexpress (called “deep linking”) and to track the clicks those links have.

To do this, simply add a ? question mark at the end of the link and then set the desired target and trace parameters.

The components of this customized affiliate link are
1. Affiliate link. Your default affiliate link looks like this and you can get it in your aliexpress affiliate panel or via API.
2. Traceable hanger. You can add these tags to the end of your affiliate link. Aliexpress records them and you will be able to see them after exporting them from your control panel, en Reports>Live Order Tracking.

  • Af: Your unique affiliate tracking ID
  • cn: Your unique campaign ID
  • cv: Your “Creative ID”, that is to say this is to identify the banner or text link, etc… that you have used in your campaign.
  • Dp: Dynamic parameter. You can customize the registration characters.

The tracking tags (af, cn, cv, dp) cannot be changed to different names, but you can choose to use only one, several or all of them, depending on your needs.
But you don’t have to mess with any of this. For some time now Aliexpress has made available to its affiliates a deep-linking creator, which creates affiliate links directed to any Aliexpress page you want.

-To access this link builder, simply go to “AD Center > Deep Link URLs” within your control panel.

-Now just enter the desired URL and indicate a “tracking ID” if you wish.

  • Finally you click on the “Get Tracking Link” button and you will get an HTML code, which has your tracking ID and leads to the chosen Aliexpress URL.

4. How much is the affiliate commission?

The minimum commission is 8% but there are certain “bonuses” that could increase this figure.

5. Where can I see my tracking results?

1. Login a AliExpress Portal
2. You’re going to [Reports] 3. Click on [Live Order Tracking] 4. Select the specific details of what you are looking for (for example: Order Date/Transaction Date, Tracking ID, Promotion Type, Live Order Status)
5. Click on [Export] 6. The record parameters appear in the generated csv file

6. What marketing methods are acceptable?

Aliexpress affiliates can promote the products through content sites and review sites aimed at customers who want to purchase a few units of product. It is possible to use SEM (Search Engine Marketing) techniques as long as you don’t bid on branded keywords. Any other method of promotion must first be approved by Aliexpress.

7. Where can I place the affiliate links to promote Aliexpress products?

  • A. Through online chats: You can send the links directly to your friends during your online conversations
  • B. In personal blogs: You can publish articles and place links or banners related to the topic of your blog. If for example you are writing about mobiles, you can promote Aliexpress mobiles and mobile accessories with a high probability that your readers will click on them.
  • C. In forums: It is also a good place to promote products that are related to the subject matter. You can put the links in a commentary and recommend the products with a personal message.
  • D. On your website: You can start creating your own shopping guide where you recommend products that can be purchased at Aliexpress. Use ByComercial to this effect.
  • E. You can recommend Aliexpress to friends and colleagues and send them the links email, Facebook or any other social networthroughk.
  • F. Creating an Aliexpress affiliate online store: Today there is a very simple way to create an Aliexpress affiliate store. Thanks to ByComercial you will be able to create your online store in a matter of minutes.

8. How to register in the Aliexpress affiliate program?

You can register in 5 quick steps:
1. Visit the page and click on “Register” to begin.
2. Fill in the registration application data and click on “Create Your Account”. In case your web traffic exceeds 50,000 users/day, you can get a platform account by clicking on “Go for a Platform Account”.

3. Enter your website information
4 After filling in the information on your site, you must read the terms of the ‘Aliexpress’ affiliate program and click on ‘I agree to proceed’.
5. Click on complete the profile to finish the registration and you will automatically be redirected to the welcome page.

9. Where can I find my affiliate records?

Aliexpress portal allows you to generate reports of purchase orders, income, traffic and registration of live orders.

10. Is it worth the purchase of any product by the customer to earn the affiliate commission?

Even if a product A is recommended and the customer ends up buying any other product B at Aliexpress, the commission still counts. What counts in the end is that the purchase order or transaction is completed in full.

11. What payment methods does AliExpress have for its affiliates?

At the moment the only one available is the international bank transfer.

12. What support does Aliexpress provide?

Aliexpress provides a wide range of promotional material for its affiliates: text links, banners, data feeds, promotions, key APIs and much more. You can see all this by signing up to their affiliate program and going to “Ad Center”.

13. How to get AliExpress affiliate links?

Just access your administration panel by logging in at, and go to “Ad Center”. There you will find a wide range of promotional material: event promotions, product promotions or APIs.
New users should start by promoting the events, either through links or banners.

14. ¿Cómo paga Aliexpress a sus afiliados?

Aliexpress pays its affiliates for each complete purchase originated by their referral and you can see all the details in Reports .
If your account balance exceeds $16, you can withdraw the money until the 20th of each month.

Advantages of the Aliexpress Affiliate Program

Simplicity Signing up is much easier than Amazon. You just have to visit this link:

Click on Register and we follow in the footsteps. It won’t take 5 minutes and best of all, the speed of checking our affiliate account. It really is almost instantaneous! Unless they see something really, really weird, they’ll approve it and you can start selling with the affiliate link they send you.

Higher commissions for product sales

Depending on what we sell, we have up to 50%. This is an outrageous commission, but it is usually on very specific and temporary products or campaigns.

New User Fee

This is another point that’s very cool. If we are in Spain and someone registers with Aliexpress and completes an order, we will receive $4 for that user.

Average site conversion rate of 3.5% and an order amount of $140

Vendor Level Program

The more we sell, the more points we will be assigned, the better promotions we will be able to receive and offer to our visitors.

Personal Ad Center Zone: Easy URL retrieval

Getting the custom URLs is very easy with the Deep Links URL tool they have. Just enter the URL, choose the Tracking ID (your profile where you want the commissions to go) and that’s it.