Do you want to be an external commercial (Freelance)?

External commercials (Freelance) can sell third-party products and get discounts and commissions. Once your application for admission has been registered as an external vendor, it will be validated and you will receive an email about availability of product sales, as well as the conditions and contact of your supplier.

Nothing, it’s free forever. No fees or commissions.
You must offer to sell those products where you have experience or ability to sell.
Download the ByComercial app and access with the user and password provided.
External Commercials (Freelance) use the bycomercial app to sell third-party products in exchange for a commission.
From the administration panel I have access to my stores and everything necessary to configure my account, communicate with the owner of the store, manage shipments, etc.
in all that you want. Previously the property of each store will have to authorize me to offer their products.
No, the app works without internet. You will only need it when you place an order for your shipment. We recommend that you update your catalog before placing an order.
You can access your account, see stores, available, orders, etc from
Yes, you can use your ability to contact your customers by any means.
You must send your orders to your supplier through the mail that will be provided to you. Once the order has been requested, you must pay for it and it will send the order to the address you indicate.
You should check the specifications of each store in your administration panel.
You can manage the payment to your clients as you want.
If the manager of a store cancels an external commercial (Freelance) will not be able to continue selling their products. All pending orders must be sent.

Bycomercial is a technological tool for the development of Ecommerce.

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