Virtual Catalog for Sellers

Use the ByComercial app to improve your customers’ shopping experience and expand the sales network.

Remember that the Commercial Catalog is included in ByComercial as part of your tools to sell your products.
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Selling with sales

Use the ByComercial app to improve your customers’ shopping experience and expand the sales network.

Using a Virtual Catalog



Setting up and editing your catalogs is really easy with ByComercial. But not only that, making any modification is much simpler, more agile and faster with our catalog.

  • More flexibility than on paper.
  • You can configure your catalogs in a personalized way at different levels.
  • ByComercial is multi-company, multi-catalog, multi-category and multi-brand.
  • Check the orders of other commercials. Commercial managers.
  • You can define products and exclusive customers for each commercial. Differentiate your sales network.
  • Several views of visualization.
  • We offer you the option of creating a website for points of sale, so that your stores can place their own orders and automatically integrate them into your system.
  • You can edit and update the catalog in all commercials with just a few clicks.
  • Do not settle for creating an online catalog, opt for an offline and online catalog to ensure optimal operation of the tool.
  • Infinite catalog: you can add as many articles as you want. In this way, your salespeople can carry the entire catalog on the tablet and nothing will be left in the “bedroom”
  • Geolocation.
  • Have certain items displayed according to the customer and according to commercial.
  • Speed ​​of loading.
  • Synchronization waiting. Update whenever you want.


ByComercial allows you to customize the product catalog to adapt to your corporate image and offer your customers an innovative brand image.

  • Customize the app with your products, brands, categories.
  • Customize the order form with the information you want to show.
  • It offers an image modernand streamlines the product presentation process.
  • Customize the categories and brands with icons.

  • Enter discounts directly on the general prices and loyalty to your customers.

Search filters

The customer gains speed with intelligent search and advanced filters for aselection quickof products.

Common products

  • Shows those products purchased by the customer in the last orders.
  • It facilitates purchase by replacement.

App of Sale by Catalog for Tablet: Special for distributors, wholesalers and commercials.

If the catalog of your company’s products is the basic marketing and commercial tool, you need to optimize your work tool to obtain better results and align marketing and sales.

The ByComercial catalog sales app replaces or complements your physical paper catalog and also makes it easier to configure your catalogs, edit them, add or remove products and modify images or rates, with total autonomy and flexibility.

With our product catalog app you can make changes at any time, update the catalog and automatically send it to the entire commercial network so that they have the latest version at the moment.

This way you will have a greater control of the information that the commercials show and you will ensure that they always have at hand the complete digital catalog with all the products, with all the necessary information to support the sale, including the stock data and, of course , the promotional and marketing material that you prepare for each campaign.


ByComercial is an interactive, visual and intuitive catalog specially designed to surprise your customers with the image of your products, that’s why it offers you numerous possibilities for image processing:

  • Full-screen image.
  • High quality images so you can project your catalog on large screens with excellent quality results, including miniatures.
  • Interaction, zoom and rotation of the image.
  • Special fairs, events and showrooms: you can take advantage of this advantage to project your product catalog on a screen.


A catalog specially designed for an agile, fast and simple operation that also supports commercial agents during the sales process and helps them increase the volume of their orders:

  • Control Intranet.
  • Sale by packs, bundles and assortments.
  • Gifts by sales volume.
  • Promotions, offers and discounts.
  • Up-selling or related sale.
  • Organization of products and categories.
  • Quick sale with 1 click.
  • Minimum sales units.
  • Cross-selling or cross-selling.