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ByComercial is a set of tools to facilitate Ecommerce with solutions for all needs.

Thousands of companies use Ecommerce systems to increase sales and is the main growth environment for people who want to start around the world.

New revenues in a simple way are possible with the most complete and easy intermediation system between vendors and suppliers that exists.

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  • Company: Soluciones Tecnológicas EPL, SL (B C BYCOMERCIAL Ⓡ)
  • CIF: ESB90224437
  • Address: Ronda de los Tejares 32, 14001 Córdoba. SPAIN
  • Telephone: +34 910 606 212
  • Mail: help@bycomercial.com

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The foregoing is of an enunciative nature, but not limiting, so that bycomercial pursue, even going to the State Authorities, any illegal action or infringement of their rights and / or persons and entities with protected rights. The information, images, texts, documents and any other content located on the website may be consulted for information purposes only by any visitor to our website.
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bycomercial rejects responsibility for any information not contained in this website and, therefore, not elaborated by bycomercial, or not published in its name. In a special way, it rejects the responsibility on the information contained in web pages of third parties connected by links with the web pages of bycomercial. Likewise, the responsibility for possible security errors that could occur due to the use of computers infected with computer viruses is excluded.

In order to speed up the service offered, identifying with maximum speed to each user, this website will use “cookies” and log files. “Cookies” are codes that the server enters on the computer’s hard drive to identify the user. The “cookies” are associated only with an anonymous user, not allowing access to personal data or, in general, data from the user’s hard drive. If the user does not want a “cookie” installed on their hard drive, they must configure their browser to not receive them.

In such a case, however, the speed and quality in the operation of the bycomercial services may decrease. The log files are the historical record of everything that happens on a website (entry and exit of users [IP address], website from which they come, dates, country, etc.).
bycomercial can analyze this information to know the influx of traffic in the portal, the most visited contents and the main navigation routes; all with the aim of adapting the contents of the portal to the expectations of the users who visit us.

In accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, Personal data collected by bycomercial through forms, email or other analogous means will be processed automatically and incorporated into the corresponding automated files of a personal nature of which bycomercial will be owner and responsible.

For this purpose, bycomercial will make available to the Users the appropriate technical resources so that they provide unequivocally their consent, and so that, prior to the provision of consent, they may access our data protection policy. Except in the fields where it is indicated otherwise, the answers to the personal data are voluntary, without the lack of answer to said questions implies a decrease in the quality or quantity of the corresponding services, unless another is indicated thing. The incorporation to the File and automated processing of the Personal Data has as its purpose the management, administration, provision, expansion and improvement of the services in which the User decides to subscribe or register, the adequacy of the entire content of the portal to the preferences of the users, the design of any new element that configures the portal and the sending of updates of the services.

bycomercial must obtain the prior unequivocal consent of the Users to process their data for purposes other than those mentioned above. To exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition to personal data, the user can go to bycomercial Ronda de los Tejares 32, 14001, Córdoba, Spain.

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