SEO – Online Marketing

Only for the paid versions. You have the possibility of contracting a customised SEO service. The SEO is applied to the domain so we recommend having your own domain beforehand. Our Bycomercial Experts advise you, and you can hire the SEO packages we have.

What if I already have a domain that has previous SEO?
If you have a domain or website that already has SEO and you want to reuse it, you can use a link on a website already made to create your bycommerce store. The SEO actions will be aimed at improving the positioning of the bycommercial store, on which the experts will operate.

Will I have recommendations to improve my positioning?
Yes, you will have tips and recommendations to edit your online store, with improvements on descriptions, product placement. In addition to the actions carried out by the people who will advise you.

In any case in the payment options there are specific help tutorials for each module.