Frequently Asked Questions

It is an online and offline sales system with online store and virtual catalog for commercials that allows you to manage your sales through an app and an intranet.
Those who need your commercial network.
You will have access to the intranet, with an administration panel to upload the products and categories to the commercial catalog in a simple way.
Bycomercial works on Android and iOS mobile phones and tablets.
No. It is only necessary to send orders and make updates.
You will receive an email when there are a few days left for the end of your paid period. This email is not binding and it is the user who must check the activation date and the payments made in his administration panel.
The service will be inactive for a maximum period of 1 month. Once this period is over, your account may be deleted and all the data included in it may be lost.
Consult the customization options of the tool by contacting us.
Yes, you have support with our technicians through mail and online chat. The advanced payment versions have the possibility of contacting an agent by telephone.
If you can contact us and customize the dieseños, the functionalities or other services according to your needs.
After requesting registration and validate and mail, in afew hours you will have your account to start selling.
Mobile or tablet android and iOS
Allows you to sell and sell with any device.
The app works offline. The need for internet is minimal and can work in offline mode until you connect for updates. Suitable for wireless environments and saving data rates.
The online store is slower, you need internet, you can not create commercial profiles, you can not edit prices, … An online store is not an adequate solution for commercial sales.
The data of the location is collected as long as you accept the device as it is. If you use the ByComercial app you accept the conditions of use of the same, and the location data is one of them.

Do you want to sell with your own shop?

No, but you can use it if you have it.

No, but you can create your online store with ByComercial.

PayPal, Stripe, Bizum, transfer, cash on delivery, FastSpring, Adyen, GoCardless, tell us what you need and we will integrate it for you (only annual payment versions).

100 products in the FREE TRIAL version, 1,000 products with Plan A, 10,000 products with Plan B. If you need a customized version contact us.

No. There are no setup fees on any of our plans.

No. You can register and use ByComercial FREE TRIAL forever. If you decide to choose a plan you will have to enter your card details.

Yes, if you decide that ByComercial is not the best e-commerce platform for your business, simply cancel your account from your control panel.

All ByComercial plans are monthly unless you choose an annual or biannual plan.

Yes, we offer a 10% discount on annual plans and a 20% discount on biannual plans, when these are paid in advance.

ByComercial is a tool that allows you to perform dropshipping with sales systems with additional commercials.

Your shipments must be sent once the order has been received and paid for by the external sales representative (Freelance).

Yes, you can do it at any time and it will stop selling your products, but you must send the orders paid up to that moment. See

Once your registration request has been validated, we will send you an email with your access data to your account. From this link you can manage the store, add products, manage orders, …

Allows our product catalog to be used on mobile devices so that salespeople can sell and generate orders quickly and easily.

Do you want to be an external commercial (Freelance)?

Nothing, it’s free forever. No fees or commissions.

You must offer to sell those products where you have experience or sales capacity.

Download the ByComercial app and log in with the username and password provided.

No, the app works without the internet. You will only need it when you place an order for shipping. We recommend that you update your catalogue before placing any order.

You can access your account, see stores, available, orders, etc. from

Yes, you can use your ability to contact your customers by any means.

Your orders must be sent to your supplier through the mail that will provide you. Once requested the order you will have to pay the same one and this one will send the order to the direction that you indicate him.

You will have to consult the specifications of each store in your administration panel.

You can manage the collection to your customers as you want.

If a store administrator terminates an external salesperson (Freelance) he will not be able to continue selling his products. All backorders must be shipped.

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