Payment systems

When a customer places an order through the web he has 3 options:

  1. Generate the order without further ado. The order will be paid with the external payment system you have agreed with the store manager. This system is very useful for suppliers, wholesalers, professional customers, who generate orders and then externally have an offline payment system.
  2. Pay with PayPal. Within the store configuration, there is the possibility to include a PayPal account. This account will be the one for crediting orders, when the online store customer selects this option. The system will redirect the corresponding payment to this account.
  3. Pay by bank transfer. Within the configuration of the shop, there is the possibility of including a bank account for payments. If the customer chooses this option, they can pay for their orders using this system. The acceptance of these payments will be at the discretion of the store manager.

Other payment systems, Available in A and B plans and under certain conditions. Consult

External payment systems imply acceptance of the service conditions of the providers offering them. ByComercial is not responsible for any incident associated with them.

Online Store Customization
In the configuration/text menu there is a section to add a PDF with the payment methods. This document should be included to inform customers about payment systems, as well as any circumstances related to them.