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How does Dropshipping work?

With Dropshipping your online shop works like any other,
but without the costs associated with logistics.

Dropshipping is a logistics and distribution strategy, where orders placed by customers with e-commerce shops are delivered directly from the dropshipper’s premises.

Dropshipping, which can be translated as “drop shipping”, is a strategy based on the fact that the seller of an online shop stocks and offers products from a shop without having them in stock, so that when the customer buys, the orders are shipped and delivered directly from the dropshipper’s premises.

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Step by step to sell with ByComercial and Printful

1. Create your account on ByComercial

Register to create your online shop and configure it according to your needs.

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2. Create your personalised products

Set up your printful account and create your own personalised product catalogue.

3. Get your Printful API

Log in to your Printful &gt account; Settings > API to get your private and unique key.

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4. Connect ByComercial with Printful

Log in to your ByComercial &gt account; General Settings to enter your password in the box provided.

5. Full synchronisation

Your entire Printful product catalogue will be synchronised with your online shop and you can start selling.

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More information about Dropshipping

A supplier ByComercial

You can integrate the payment system you want: PayPal, Stripe, Bizum, transfer, cash on delivery, FastSpring, Adyen, GoCardless, tell us the one you need and we will integrate it for you (only annual payment versions).

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Your online shop will be available

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You can have the tents you need with different brands and access.

Advantages of selling on ByComercial with Printful

Remember! You can test the platform for free for 30 days with up to 100 products.

Getting started with my Dropshipping shop

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