Currently and more and more who says that SEO goes through creating content, generating links, loading speed, etc., is in the way of small details, which should not be despised but without doubt, the brand is the queen of positioning. And what does this mean? So Google wants differentiating brands especially, because the user experience so show.

Brands & Content
Users are tired of performing eternal searches, dodging ads, directories, “verified” opinions, and everything that is not what it seems. They know that brands are focused on their product or service, with a special care, because they will achieve customer loyalty, with effort.

On the other side are the generators of ad hoc content, massive, well structured and managed, which is sometimes useful, but if your goal is to offer a related product, your approach is to move up Google, but not by the customer.

Every day more, Google appears to our ancestral word of mouth, where time, reputation, specialization, and customer care give the best service. That is why teachers will disappear little by little, multiservices, and uselessness.

Of course, search engines continue to use searches to see what the user “likes”. For example with cars, the user seeks to compare, opinions, prices, offers. That’s why comparative websites are more interesting than those of the brands themselves, which although they have a lot of information, are scattered, without prices, and with little reality. If you want to know the brand go to the dealer.

What differentiates a brand from another product?
The brand focuses on everything we have called user experience. In fact Amazon wants and must do everything possible to improve that concept, because it is what makes a user buy, and buy more times. That is why it “gives away” everything that is associated, shipping, leisure services, etc. and everything you know that involves a cost for the client, which can be found free or cheap, but would like to have free: streaming, music, etc.

In the internet universe with thousands of options for everything, searching is an effort. You have to detect options, compare prices, functionalities, guarantees, quality, waiting time, …. and all that time when you have other things to do is lost money. That’s why brands respond to type questions: where do I buy it? Is it quality? Is it known? Is it worth that price? Where do they make it?

The purchase decision is a complex process and closely related to personal satisfaction. If I think I’m going to like it, my response is more positive, if people will give me their approval, too. Example: the best-selling cars are now SUVs, even being less functional, with more expenses, less stable, they have made disappear the MPVs, which allow transporting families more comfortably, to the saloons, more stable in curves, with greater aerodynamic efficiency. But when buying a car one looks for utility and social acceptance, which goes by fashions, and fashion is the SUV.

Therefore, it is necessary to offer a place for the client to feel comfortable, to accompany him in his purchase decisions, to search for information, to trust and that is the brand.