Many countries are seeking to initiate restrictive actions against Google and its products, with Analytics at the centre of the conflict.

The causes may lie in an over-reliance on its products and the hosting of personal data that is otherwise considered critical in non-Google locations. For a company to know data from a city council or other public corporation may mean giving away power that no one else has. Moreover, it is likely that certain devices are so “competitive” because part of their value is the use we make of them.

This data on visits, which is necessary to be able to make technical forecasts of service, advertising, etc., was provided by this tool free of charge, but in exchange you shared this data with Google. This does not seem a good idea in the case of public service websites, but neither would it be a good idea for online shops or commercial websites.

Moreover, many website owners use and will use useful free services, even if they lose ownership of the traffic data, unless the use of these elements is illegal, or at least users can object to their presence being collected on these websites.