The relationship between brands and the consumer is the workhorse of all branding. The quality, the benefits, and everything that is used in traditional marketing.

The customer chooses the product for the sensations before the acquisition and during the use.

a) Experiential marketing is communicated in a personal dialogue between the marketing professional and the consumer.
you have to change the concept of client for the follower, amateur as in football. They are unconditional and will always have a reference when buying. Why are car brands continuously advertising? It is likely that they are not making impressions on people who are looking to buy a car, but surely when they do they have the mental reinforcement of the brand.

If we also combine this with actions on situations where the client has nowhere to go, for example a train, an airplane, a waiting room, attention is guaranteed.

b) It is based on involving people in a memorable way.
Find a way to create unique experiences between the product and the consumer, feel special, kindness, treatment, all this can only be done person to person. With commercial agents, personal shoppers, coach, conditioners, etc. is the only way to get excited.

c) Experiential marketing will give more power to the individual consumer and will unleash evangelization on the street.
It has gone from satisfying needs, creating them, to improving moods. An evangelist is one who manages to offer changes in your life thanks to a product. Do not buy a car, buy a way of life. Buy time and enjoy it. With this brush you will see yourself better, they will see you better. You are not paying more money, you are getting more. etc

d) Experiential marketing campaigns must be a significant benefit for the consumer.
From ByComercial we know the importance of boosting sales experiences, reducing time in processes that the customer detests, obtaining thousands of products in 1-2 seconds, without waiting.

To have a person close to us that gives us his opinion, that helps us to search, that eliminates that tedious load of searches, announcements, opinions of cooked third parties, …

Commercial agents offer that closeness that the network does not have.

e) It will be the key to the success or failure of the brands of the future.
The emotional marketing and, however, there are many companies / brands that are not yet aware of its importance, because they bet on impulse sales, online sales, advertising without focus, and short-term.

You need to digitize your sales, you need to create loyalty channels. You need ByComercial