A website likes or dislikes, but there are also websites that we would buy and in others we would not. Knowing how to make that decision is key to the success of an Online Store. The brand influences, but basically because it gives confidence. But even with the most recognized brand we have doubts about formalizing the purchase, if we do not see arguments of veracity:

-Best price
-Similar products you can compare
-Price, expenses, etc.

Websites are like people’s faces

When you enter a web page in a store or any other place where you have not been, your intuition becomes active and begins to collect information and process it automatically, you don’t even know what you are doing, and if an alarm goes off if there is something unusual, your brain starts deliberately trying to determine if that alarm is justified or not.

These two processes work together but the intuition acts first because it’s automatic you don’t spend time or energy on it you don’t think about it.

Reliability is in the subconscious

We are able to determine whether someone is trustworthy or not in fact there are studies that show that in just 100 milliseconds a fraction of a second we know with a fairly high degree of precision whether someone is trustworthy or not and it is because during our lives we have seen thousands of faces and observed the behaviors of those people matching them and therefore we know what type of face is reliable the same happens in online shopping and happens in a few minutes I assure you when you visit a website for the first time do not spend much time deciding if you trust when you enter the page your intuition begins to compare analyzing everything from the model that is in your head the alerts jump when there is something different something that does not fit.

A careful design and all the legal texts, is it enough?

That explicit information, privacy policies and so on only matter if you go on to evaluate the web deliberately.

It’s more about removing barriers exactly than showing that something is totally reliable or the goal is to get rid of all those elements so that the buyer knows simply that you can trust without a doubt let me give you another example we all went to some job interview or not and we know that you have to dress logically as I dress has nothing to do with my ability to use a computer to type fast or with my file. academic but I do it anyway to remove that barrier that’s true I do not want the interviewer actively seek something so I reject I think we can say with confidence that talking about web design that font use what colors what font size all those questions are wrong because they are not questions for which there is a correct answer there is no single answer there is to see what will create barriers or trigger alarms.

Look at the competition

A good strategy for a new company or website would be to pay attention to the rules and expectations in the design of the websites of successful competitors. Online sales companies have carried out all the tests and studies to create a pleasant and favourable environment for purchases. Use this data for your own benefit.

Analyze actual user behavior
If you want to move this same message to something more practical you should observe the clickstream.

Since there is nothing more detailed than the click history of buyers we like the idea of clickstreaming and it is something that no one is considering as important and I hope that research processes by what we have discussed in this article about it.

With this succession of clicks you can literally know where the customer is clicking and is following a path is the right path customers who end up not buying anything follow another path and if that is so it would make sense to design your page to guide people by the right path that leads them to make a purchase for all those who think you can create a website that meets all the needs of your customers. every customer i bring bad news the bad news is that there is no static model that suits all types of customer the good news is that as we are checking with some research if an online store has something that we can define as empathy if it is truly empathetic with their customers and with the type of web they need each i can help them design a web that fits their needs.

User behavior is our goal
If you want to succeed in online sales you can’t be a narcissist, you can’t just think about yourself and what you want to offer you have to think about your customers and how they are going to receive what you offer.

Tips on web design
-Suitable design for the target audience. The client must like it, not the owner.
-Consistent data. Do not invent.
-If something doesn’t work, it is changed, and if it works, it is left.