As you know, companies can not survive paying full attention to their production method. The value of a product is now determined by the client and, therefore, we as entrepreneurs must orient all processes towards the outside, towards the client.

The value that the client gives to our product is what will make it pay or not the price we ask for it.

The value proposition
It is necessary that our company explain to its clients why they should choose us, what benefits our product reports and in what way we satisfy their needs. That is the work of our website, online store or commercial.

Should we hire a creative team to make a value proposal?
No. The reason is simple: the value proposition must be demonstrated day by day and can not be invented, because the customer contrasts it every time he acquires our product so that if the value generated by our proposal does not match the perceived value we will lose it

The benefit
Think of our product, which can be a good or a service, and we attend to the benefits that must be provided. As a company we know our customers and, obviously, we know our product .. Therefore, the first thing we have to do is make a list of all the benefits that our product reports to those customers. For example: it is healthy, it entertains, it works, it is economical, it reduces worries, it saves time, …

The relevance
The characteristics of our product, as well as decisions about pricing and distribution, should also pay attention to the way in which the customer’s needs are met. This process is linked to the benefits. For example, a chain of supermarkets can offer a range of products with adjusted prices (profit) within the same place of purchase, in such a way that it is possible to make the daily purchase in an agile and complete way without having to travel to other places.

Our strategy of product, price, communication and distribution should also be aimed at presenting the customer with the unique product, different from the others, therefore, convince him to buy it instead of the competition. We have to explain what differentiates us so that the client positions our brand in his mind in relation to the others: we can offer more quantity or quality at the same price, we can communicate our brand better, we can be present in all the markets or in some of the more important, we can be the fastest or the ones that best serve the client, count on him to decide aspects of our product, have more experience than our competitors or be a company committed to social values ​​and the environment.

Example of value proposition: The distribution
The distribution policy occupies a central place in the marketing strategy. The distribution creates value when the client finds what he wants, at the moment he searches and in the place that allows him to save effort, time and costs. When generating relevance, it is essential to have an adequate logistics that allows you to add value to your product. Today is one of the claims of e-commerce: free shipping, in less time, anywhere. Neither the price can compete with that. In fact over price and late shipment there are positioned several brands. By fast shipping it guarantees commitment.

But it also guarantees commitment to the strategy of I take it and you pay for it, possible with autonomous commercials, or sale between groups, normally made with catalog. The payments between friends, type Bizum have facilitated a fast, safe, and no commission payment, which helps a local retail type of business.

All this is basic and seems obvious, but if at any time we forget we will lose perspective and we will deviate from our objective.