In the last year there has been a phenomenon of increase of companies and systems of sending packages, especially in the final distribution or most commonly known as the last mile.

The final distribution process is very critical since it is the person who has the only personal contact with the client, and the perception of this service can influence the whole loyalty process, as well as the possibility of obtaining real information about the satisfaction of the client. client.

Characteristics of the final delivery process or last mile:

  • Expensive process
  • Part of the shipment where there are more delays.
  • Accumulation of stocks.
  • Deterioration of the package.
  • Absence of the receiver.
  • Multi-companies Always distribute a different company.

Currently even anyone (self-employed) can work as an external delivery person for a few hours a day.

All this makes us think if there is another way to distribute or deliver to customers the so precious packages of their orders. To do this, ByComercial has the sale through the Virtual Catalog to offer local customers the products they need, and even to send revised and packaged products optimally. This is possible with an intermediate management system between the seller or manufacturer and the commercial or professional intermediary.


  • Personalization service
  • Individual attention
  • Control of the product.
  • Personal shipping (proximity customers)

If you are an occasional dealer, try to be an occasional seller with ByComercial. The commissions are better.