Reverse logistics takes on a crucial value in the relationship between customer and online store because it conditions the customer to repeat or not the sale on that website, “says Francisco Aranda, UNO’s general secretary, the Logistics and Transport Business Organization. In the last year, the percentage of online shoppers who returned a product rose to 24.5%, compared to 18.9% the previous year, according to the employer’s data. The growth rate of electronic commerce is 27% and exceeds 30,000 million euros per year.

According to sources of the sector, the cost of the reverse logistics can suppose between 2% and 4% of the turnover of the online store, although it depends a lot on the sector. The one of the fashion and textile, the third category more bought in Internet, billed 7,800 million euros in 2017.

In addition in the fashion sector these percentages increase where the normal thing is to order up to 3 sizes and then return 2.

The return supposes the double of cost in transport that the delivery. In addition to the cost of relabeling and resetting terminals and stocks.

On other occasions the products come with defects or simply can not be sold as new, which should end in balances or reconditioned products


  • You have to avoid products that can be returned. There are very few exceptions, which is complicated.
  • Penalize customers who make refunds or simply avoid them (more than 50% are always the same).
  • Customize the purchase to avoid returns. Adjust your request to your real needs.
  • If you deliver the product personally (ByComercial Freelance) you can wait a few minutes for final approval.
  • Use the “try-before-you-buy” system for easy-to-carry products.
  • Avoid suppliers that do not accept returns.
  • Calculate very well the shipping costs, and the return shipping costs.
  • Take into account the withdrawal laws (Law 16/2011, of June 24)

The online sale with telematic payment does not allow in many cases the closeness and personal treatment of direct sales. That is why the combination of both is the sure procedure to success.