Finding something 100 percent natural is very difficult. Less is more. Fewer ingredients but many things are needed. Although many do not agree that organic cosmetics need vitamins, preservatives.
Harmful products must be withdrawn.

Natural, organic or ecological, or handmade cosmetics are increasingly in demand by an increasingly expert consumer, aware that cosmetics is a product with which we must be demanding and that they like to find out about its components.
The demand grows in quality, but also in naturalness. Changes in the consumer mentality are what mark the laws of the market, and more and more people are concerned about fair trade, local trade or “cruelty freeproducts, sustainable development, environmental impact , the health of the planet as well as our health… which makes natural and ecological cosmetics increasingly positioned as a highly demanded option among people committed to ecology, are you one of them?

What is natural cosmetic?

Natural and ecological cosmetics is nothing more than the evolution of the use of natural products as a beauty treatment. Already the ancient Romans used natural products such as honey for skin care and Cleopatra’s baths with donkey milk and the use of olive oil to beautify her face are also known.
It is an alternative to conventional cosmetics, softer and free of chemical substances, some of which are less and less tolerated by an increasingly sensitized population and with a growing tendency towards reactive and atopic skin.
It is a highly recommended option even for people with very sensitive skin. Our habits and our rhythm of life have changed, the level of stress is high, the amount of toxins to which we are exposed due to pollution is enormous, overexposure to screens and blue light… natural solutions are needed to help us to minimize the impact of the consequences that this entails on our health and not only on our skin. In this sense, research and science are fortunately taking steps forward in a very important way.