That’s the key of everything. Not even selling is the key. And since it is the key, it is the most difficult thing to achieve.

You already know that in these articles we offer information and trends to improve as an e-commerce or seller, whatever your strategy, so below we give you options:

With Online Store
You have sold a product once. And now that?. As I get a second, a third purchase.
– I’m checking offers emails and I hope I do not saturate spam?
-How to know if the purchase has been satisfactory? A post-sale survey?
-Also you can create a premium package of free shipping. Only useful for stores where you know you will buy a lot, very settled, very massive.
I leave the page. Then appear the tedious pop-up questions and Do not leave yet!
The ideal is to bet on quality and that happens through a website that is spectacular. Avant-garde design, ease of purchase, simple communication, and product presentation with all the necessary information. If our products are of rotation, the client has to identify us by something that distinguishes us from others, and that is difficult to imitate. If we have the best after-sales service, the client will know and share it. If our products are from a specific place (denomination of origin, geographical identity, …) or have specific properties, that makes us stand out. Selling something away may be the best claim. You have to see the business model.

With physical store
You can create a pleasant environment, closeness, smile, smells, light, temperature and everything that affects our senses and that is known to improve the shopping experience. The problem is that the physical store can not move, it can not always be open and it has enormous maintenance costs. But it is the only option that offers the possibility of taking the product on the spot. It can also be used as a claim or flagship stores to create brand or advertising. In some cases with exclusive offline products.

With commercials
In this case we have a substantial advantage. We are in direct contact with the client, we can empathize, create that relationship between people that a machine will never have and that guarantees the difference between selling and loyalty. Online stores strive to create 2 points of value: the price and the purchase guarantee. The price is easy to compare, but the purchase guarantee is an accumulation of values ​​that cost time and money and that can be lost very easily. So we have the free shipping, the payment guarantee stamps, the brand associated with the physical store, the “verified” comments and opinions, the external blogs, the press (to be published in a generalist newspaper, and that you only have to invest something to get it…)

Commercials can sell if they manage to attract attention with much more success than any other sales system, and also get loyalty in 70% of sales. People create links with other people naturally, we are social beings and we can not change that. If you use a direct sales system, with catalog, the possibilities of creating a client portfolio is linear to the time of dedication and the income will also be exponential because the old clients do not need to spend so much time. We should never despise this channel.