If you are thinking of selling with an online store, create a blog with very relevant information and sell advertising, look for visitors in any online environment, this article interests you.

According to specialized companies more than half of the searches in USA in Google, do not provoke any click. (Data from July 2019)

How is that possible?
The user performs a search and the result presented by Google gives them the information they need. You don’t need to click on the appropriate link to read the content, except in cases where you need to expand information or view related images to help you understand the text.

Why google wants to create a satisfied need about it, not from it. For clear money.

What does it consist of?
-Control the most recurrent searches, those that generate more traffic, and either generates the result directly (time, time, sports, …) or highlights an extract of the content of an environment that thanks to its algorithm suspects that it is what you are looking for, and therefore you will not click to see more.
-This system is improving so much that the ads of specialized pages are falling. Its profitability is a declining value.

Does it affect my Online Store?
That’s why he invented Google Shopping. It makes you compete within the search engine, and within its marketplace. If you add Amazon to that, your competition is important.

What is the future?
Searches by voice will end up offering results by voice. For this Amazon has already highlighted its products, and Google is also preparing that ground. Voice wizards are the first step in returning results to questions with sound only.

We are in a pure and harsh Darwinian environment. The market. That’s why we have to adapt and look for possibilities, niches, innovate, educate the customer, build loyalty, take paths that others do not take, return to the above, … all that and more.

-Make your online store something different, and with different I mean better.
-Look for customers through all channels. Customers think like you, because you are a customer.
-The customer wants experiences, that’s why shopping centers are changing their concept. A place to go to enjoy, and spend some money, or collect my purchase, … Shopping centers do not die, just change their concept. When we say to go to a shopping center, surely we will go because we eat well, there are nurseries, a swimming pool, to clean the car, workshops, a park, nature, or perhaps a library …
-Look for customers where Amazon and Google don’t go. No one will be able to have a soda or coffee with their friends on Google or Amazon.
Selling and building loyalty means avoiding the online environment without references, without brands, without after-sales, without pre-sales. Call, visit, market, and then sell offline, online.

Combine it all
As with SEO, SEM SMO, etc. sales must combine the online and offline environment. Betting on catalogue sales, which can be used by commercials from a mobile phone or tablet, plus the possibility of buying or ordering online, is the perfect combination for a company with a desire to innovate and generate sales.