If you have an Online Store in 2020 and you don’t get too many visits or all the sales you would like, you might find these tips useful to improve your e-commerce. In most cases it is not enough to set up the business with all the effort in the world and have the best products. You also need an Online Marketing strategy and some tricks.

You were looking for autonomy and independence, someone told you that “put it on the Internet, it will sell like hot cakes”. You had an offline business, a store that was not working well, or maybe you wanted to expand your business without having another location, risking the minimum investment. The decision was the same: to set up an online store. Now you have an online store and you are not getting the results you expected. Low traffic and less sales. A problem that makes you consider the effort dedicated to your business. Remember that with ByComercial you can sell online, offline, and more.

The secret is the work
We have two pieces of news for you, one bad and one good. The bad news is that cloud businesses need attention, maintenance and work. The good news is that we offer you an integrated system to sell just thinking about that: to sell.

Selling more online is one of the great aspirations of all marketers… but the competition can get very tough. When you have thousands and thousands of products just a click away, how can you differentiate your brand and stand out?

Well, one of the keys to the answer is in the techniques you include in your sales plan. These tools help you to present the product in a more attractive way, reach the audience you are looking for and make it very easy for your customers to buy again and again. Let’s see how to do it!

The brand allows you to compete against the need to enter amazon or aliexpress. Because there is nothing wrong with entering those markets if your brand is well positioned. On the contrary, it is a good way to create more interest and generate additional sales. All channels are good if you have a dominant position. Coke sells everywhere.

Content Marketing

Creating valuable content that is interesting, useful, entertaining and ultimately helps your potential customers will benefit your online business. You can’t move forward without spending time driving quality searches. Users are consuming questions that google wants to satisfy, so it rewards problem solvers. Give information and you will receive visits.
Your online store is the same. If each product has a perfect description, some details of how it is used, how it can be cleaned, assembled, replaced, placed, possible problems, applications, … will be the winner.

Analyze online presence and competitor blogs
You have to do auditorías internal and external continuously. Check out other competing online stores and see what they are doing in their content marketing. Get inspired, evaluate, review their strengths and weaknesses to get an idea of what works and what doesn’t.

Generates two types of content: educational or entertaining

The content, always the content. There are two kinds of content you can do:

  • Educational and formative. Clarifications, tips, utilities, recommendations, tricks, data, processes, tutorials, guides, manuals… related to your product and sector with which users learn new things.
  • Entertaining, fun or emotional. Never has desire, hope, feeling been more important,… searches make them human. The sense of humor and emotions work well and generate a bond with the users.

Create your Youtube channel and offer video content
Video is a format that connects users and brands very well. You can use it for many things. Short videos of no more than 15 seconds: Elevator pitch and long videos with very specific details. We think the first ones have more scope because we don’t have time and we need to get to the point. Show your products and how they work, give tips and recommendations related to your sector or create tutorials explaining step-by-step processes. This will not only benefit you in terms of sales, but will have a direct impact on your brand branding, positioning you as a supplier and expert. Video can be an unbeatable visibility strategy. It is not a question of filming Ben Hur, no, but you must take care of these aspects:

  • Share your content: If you’ve managed to create an original video that fits your audience, don’t hesitate to share it through your social networks. Embed it in your website, making it accessible to any visitor. The visual is always pleasant to consume and a good video strategy can be a fundamental pillar in your Online Marketing.
  • Storyboard or video script: The best ideas may come from improvisation, but it’s not usual. Plan ahead. Write a short script or storyboard of the video content before you start shooting. Shooting a minute of video will take hours, believe me, so the clearer you are about what you want to do, the better.
  • Good technical processing: clear, quality image, good sound without static or white noise and assembly without sharp cuts. Remember that you are trying to sell your products.
  • Thumbnail image: Include your logo as a thumbnail in the video. Let everyone recognize that this content belongs to your online store at a glance.
  • Clear and short message: Be clear in your message and don’t beat around the bush. With style, of course. When you look at the YouTube analytics you’ll see that the percentages of people who watch a full video are small. If it’s a long video, the dropout rate goes through the roof. Optimize your message and duration. If you also show it in an original way, it will be well received by your audience and spread.
  • SEO: Youtube is the social network that improves your position, so you should SEO as if it were your blog. 58 characters for the title, get links on other websites, fill in the description extensively.
  • Have your own Youtube channel and post your videos on it. Youtube is a platform that positions itself very well because it belongs to Google and, moreover, it is the social network of videos with more users all over the world.

Create a blog
Almost every platform for creating an online store allows you to have a blog. At ByComercial.com you can easily include this element, edit it and promote SEO in the long term. There is no other SEO. Don’t look for shortcuts. You have to work as you would in your physical store little by little, with care, and with effort.

The blog is the best way to have activity in your online store as far as search engine indexing is concerned. You can’t expect to get traffic to your website only from social networks or your static pages.

Make a PDF catalogue with ByComercial
Prepare a catalogue of your products in PDF, put it on your distributors’ website and users will have two options: download it to their desktop to have it at hand at any time or consult it quietly without having to leave your page. Creating a catalogue and being able to combine it with other sales systems in an orderly manner is a tool that is being used more and more.

You can make a publication schedule
Create a list of possible contents in the different formats, then select the ones that will take less time and do them. This will allow you to have material ready to publish while you are working on the more complex or longer articles, videos or podcasts.

Participate as a guest blogger in other media
It’s a bit more complicated because you have to offer yourself and they don’t always let you, but they might be interested in a particular item. There are also very renowned blogs that agree on paid articles. Apart from generating content for your own platforms, from time to time you are interested in writing articles for other blogs or online media specialized in your field. This gives you greater reach and therefore visibility and awareness.

Participate in forums
You should have a presence in forums where people talk about products like yours. This system allows you to make direct interventions that little by little leave a mark. It is a method similar to social networks, blogs, etc… you never know who can read you and what they might say about what you say. As always, step by step… It’s a good way to know what users think, to know their tastes and to collect information to then improve your service and offer exactly what the public wants. In addition, you can also help and advise others. Two forums with a lot of activity and comments on any topic are Enfemenino and Forocoches. There are specialized forums that are also very interesting like xataka.