A virtual product catalog is a digital tool to control the sales force with commercials.

-Orders with or without internet
-Location control
-Thought to sell

The usefulness lies in achieving improved purchasing times, order management, commercial control and ultimately the sale of products for professional customers or individuals.

If I have a wholesale company of thousands of products, with differentiated prices, I sell with commercials, by phone, in store, …. stock changes, products that enter and leave without stopping, … you can not take that optimally without digitizing the system. And whatsapp, mail, etc, is not digitizing. Nor is it effective to search for an order for hours, not knowing which commercial is more profitable, which products are more profitable, annual sales of a product, traceability, and use a notebook or excel tables.

That process must change or simply the company will disappear, or when that genius who carries everything in his head this low, the company will be a chaos.

Beware, commercial digitalization is a process to improve, but also to avoid problems. Prevention of problems. Understanding it is the basis of good management.

Concepts to highlight

-Profitability per sale. If there is no data and it cannot be processed, it is luck that generates profitability.
-Control of commercials. GPS, orders placed, pending orders, movements, time control. It is impossible to control more than 5 or 6 commercials without real digitization.
-Upload 1,000 products in a few minutes, change the stock, update prices, everything massively and if great knowledge.
-Order everything in the catalog in seconds.
-Block or unblock products.

Online shop?
Clear, synchronized and ready to buy telematically or just place orders.

So can ByComercial combine an online shop with a virtual catalogue?
Exactly. It is a tool compatible with both systems, simultaneously.

Summary of a sale
-The commercial is addressed to your customer.
-It shows you in an agile way the unique products for each commercial (optional) and with unique prices for a determined client.
-Example of category: Offers for Fernando
-Each product can be in any category, and have thousands of different prices.
-My client does not have VAT. No problem.
-Different types of taxes/TAX. No problem.
-The order is generated. There is no internet. No problem.
-The order is sent. Changes need to be made. No problem.
-I need to reuse old orders. No problem.

Estimated time of sale, with recurring customer, with similar order: less than 2 minutes.

Objective: The generation time of an order is our priority. More visits equals more sales.

Result: Thousands of orders stored for processing.

Stock management?


Do I have new commercials?
They only see assigned customers and categories. Try them out without any problems. Simply check where they are, how much time they spend on a sale, what they sell, etc. You will be able to make a selection of hundreds of commercials with a click.

Do I want pure commission merchants?
Assign commissions to each category. Simple. So much you sell so much cobras.

Can’t my clients wait for the commercial?
The web allows your customers to generate their own orders. They do not have to pay. just enter and make their purchases. with the prices that you assign them.

I don’t want my competitors to see the prices?
Deactivate the web prices. Only registered customers will see them.