This is a tool designed to SELL. You can sell anything because it is designed, thought and executed for sale.

  1. Improve sales times by 30% on any other tool. If you need to place an order in a medium low time, to optimize routes, do not doubt that this is your tool.
  2. The visualization of the products is necessary, but we prefer that it is easy to find and send an article to an order. The one who sells knows it. If you need photos you can have several views, expand, etc, but search and add is important.
  3. Thousands of articles, in different categories, with attributes, subcategories, brands, … a universe of things to show and especially to sell. ByComercial uses a proprietary system to reposition everything in a simple way.
  4. Learning curve. If your commercials take more than 15 minutes to learn a system, they are 15 minutes that they are not selling. We consider that your time is money and the time of your commercials, a lot of money. That’s why it’s so easy to learn that it looks like a children’s game.
  5. Reuse of orders.
  6. Discounts in real time.
  7. Food, meat, fruits, vegetables, fish, … having a batch expiration system, you can work with any perishable product.
  8. Bedidas. Multimarks, multicategories
  9. Bags and accessories. With attributes of all kinds.
  10. Textile. For thousands of products, easily identifiable.
  11. Footwear. With several views.
  12. Jewelry and jewelery. With offers and discounts.
  13. Health & Wellness. With capacity for many variants and include services.
  14. Childcare Visually unbeatable
  15. Gardening. With or without coverage.
  16. Hardware stores More and more products, ordered organized.
  17. Carpentry Very different products
  18. Building. With edition of orders once sent.
  19. Carpets For any product, however singular it may be.
  20. Lighting and electricity. Special for multiproducts.
  21. Electronics. Sector in expansion.
  22. Chemistry. In need of a broad description.
  23. Cleaning and detergents. With many brands.
  24. Pest control With complex specifications.
  25. Fire extinguishers and alarms. Use geolocation to control sales and location.
  26. Printing. Products with a lot of rotation.
  27. Bookstores and stationeries. With very frequent changes.
  28. Musical instruments. For clients who look but need personal treatment.
  29. Pets With a lot of growth in the sector.

Everything of everything, for any sector.