If you have more than 100 products on wallapop, you will know that selling quickly is complicated, because having a catalog of products that you can promote would be of great help. Also, when this happens, it is likely that they are very similar products, categorizable, and therefore their promotion is related.

How to do it?
Creating an affiliate website at ByComercial.com
Register and in configuration indicate that it is an affiliate website with which you can create direct links to wallapop or any other site so that the user completes the purchase process with the confidence of that platform.

Why create those links?
The customer wants to search easily, and then buy with complete confidence. Search is not easy on platforms with their own sponsored content, and with their exposure system that goes from one product to another simply to improve their margins. no matter how hard you try to show something, there is always someone who puts lower prices, or who is newer, or simply who has done it before or after you.

You control your catalog, you promote it, and only the purchase process goes to another site, you can even do it, taking advantage of the payment and shipping advantages of these platforms.

Double promotion. What is?
The concept of double promotion is to sell with 2 link systems and the same product, and one seller.
If you create an affiliate system, or affiliate website, you can have 2 links.
First: your affiliate website link: https://12344-shop.bycomercial.com/example/example
Second: the link of the place of sale whatever it is: Amazon, Wallapop,….

This system is simple, and very useful, since the buyers are subscribers of your products, but on the big platforms you do not control them. You must prevent them from entering there, until the last moment: just before buying. And you can suggest buying it on your affiliate website for a smaller amount, if you have the logistics applied. Marketing that you do not control is benefit for others. Your product in an ocean of competition is lost.

networks are everything
Promotion in social networks is the advantage of the small. You won’t be able to compete on Amazon-like platforms, or on search engines with expensive ads, but you will be able to search for promoters among the people they see on your networks. In addition, their ads are more direct.

What would the process be like?
You create your story, with the photos of the product, the link to your personal affiliate website (remember that it is an online store but the products have a link to the place where the purchase is made), the customer enters that website, sees more things, and then if he wants to buy he does it with the platform, which as we have already said is the place of trust, because for this he spends millions of € on branding and easy shipping, etc…

Do not become an Affiliate account of your own products
It is something that you should already know, but you cannot make an Amazon affiliate account for Amazon’s own products, but it does not say anything about promoting your own products externally.

Affiliate web cost ByComercial.com
30 days free. Then €19.99/month or a little less if you pay annually: includes your own domain, SSL, and everything you need. Thought to have 100 or more products for sale (you can include up to 1,000), who are thinking of continuing to sell with external shipping management, but want to promote (1 ad on amazon requires very high sales, and each click is a cost… )