Direct sales allow to bring the brand, the properties of a product, the novelties, and the knowledge and experience closer to the customer. The big market places are investing a lot of time and money in improving the customer experience with their environment. Collecting that information is complicated with a total automation process. If customer service. But the business model based on the absence of people in the intermediation prevents the reality of a sales process from giving us real values of what our qualification of such process has been.

Surveys are useless in this case. Hardly anyone answers them except when the response to the questionnaire is very low. It is more a system of complaints than a system of collecting real data. Above all because in many cases the experience is mild, and minor problems could be detected, which in the long term could be the consequences of the disaster. They have been replaced by open comments, third party services, social networks, etc.

The reality is that the process is based above all on improving “education” in purchasing, with a/b and big data systems. We know what you buy, repetitions, profile, location, etc. It is compared with what would be appropriate and from that we extract results. It is clear that artificial intelligence helps in all this.

But what about direct perception, non-verbal language, gestures, and the possibility of acting in real time. That is impossible in total sales automation. That’s why the market folds (as in everything) to the mixed versions. The online sales, simultaneous with personal environments. The boom in shopping centres, despite the famous death of retail, is changing to leisure centres, with the possibility of shopping, with “flagship” stores of reference. Online banks are cheaper, but mixed banks are still more profitable. The purely online can fall into robotics or rather robotophobia, which influences us to think that something where the human does not intervene is not good for the human. It is a thought that spreads, we want to know who is behind what we buy, where it is made, how much water it spends, use of plastics, etc. All of that matters and so does the price. But the reality is that knowing that there is a person behind a price, generates a feeling of favoring another that is creating, according to many marketing psychologists, a system of positive feedback that improves the shopping experience.

This is why ByComercial is committed to duality. Direct sales and online sales.

How to sell with commercials?

If you have an established network, it’s clear. Take advantage of the experience and develop your possibilities with the commercials that already sell for you. Assign categories, clients, and control their movements.

If I don’t have commercials, you’re in luck. With Bycomercial it is very, very easy to get new commercials. The main problem of a commercial network is control. It’s not looking for commercials. Anyone wants to sell if the commissions are good. Of course, having to explain one by one to new commercials how to sell, what commission to get, create a new catalogue, etc., is not productive. However, if you have your ByComercial account, you register them, give them their user name, and they can sell. They will see the products, prices, and commissions. Everything is so simple that they will want to move forward themselves. What if a salesperson doesn’t sell? It’s not a problem. You block their users. You assign another one and you move on. Control is the difference. You control the orders, their movements, you manage all the products for all of them in a simple way, and you assign and eliminate commercials in a simple way. In addition, ByComercial has an independent registration system for commercials, so that they too can offer themselves as commercials to sell your products.

Are you worried about your brand image? If so, and you think that not everyone should sell your products, think about who brings the Amazon package to your home. Whatever it is. Does he smile at you? Does he say good morning? Does he look like a delivery man to you, or could it be anyone with a vehicle? Selling is selling. In 5 years half the brands you’re thinking about will be gone. You have to boost sales in all its forms, in any case you can make filters, but you can not neglect sales opportunities, just as you can not stop selling online. If a single customer tries to buy something from you, at any time or anywhere and can’t, he will make the worst publicity for you. A detail, the commercials will not need internet to sell, they will have all your catalogue available on Mars, if necessary. If you think about selling a lot is not necessary, compare the sales of Aliexpress, with Amazon and see where the battle is.

Online, online, online…offline

No one wants to be left behind. You’re on the phone for hours taking orders? You’re lost. You won’t be able to take them all and if you take them all you won’t make any money or you won’t make any money at all. The scanning process costs less than a minute, no permanence. Uploading products is as easy as uploading photos to Facebook or Whatsapp. There are no complex functionalities, but if you need them, they are activated. The order is made in literally 3 clicks.