There is a product that is not technological, that decorates, that gives style to an office, an environment, your fashion, that is vintage because everyone remembers it, he saw it in a film, in a series, at his grandmother’s house.

Marketing also uses that resource. The modern consumer is demanding and wants a lot of things, but he also wants to feel good about himself, and improve what they call karma.

According to a study by Alan R. Hirsch, “nostalgia is considered a longing for an idealized past, a longing for a healthy impression of the past, what in psychoanalysis is known as screen memory, not a true recreation of the past, but a combination of many different memories, all integrated with each other, and in the process all negative emotions are filtered out.

Marketing seeks the positive effect in its actions. And memories usually cause that sensation because human beings tend to evoke certain stages of their lives with the good things of that moment.

How do you get it?

With campaigns that focus on something very well known from the past.
-The dress they wore in a film.
-Those glasses of that presenter.
-A game we all played years ago.
-A series that nobody missed.
That super-famous slogan.

Everyone smiles at the thought of what he was doing at the time, and that’s nice, relaxes us, and sells.

In sectors such as fashion and accessories, decoration, lifestyle, etc. it is always essential to return to the past.