Sell ​​and control batch, expiration, attributes, stocks, serial number, complement or associated product necessary, … is not a problem for bycomercial.

The traceability or control of product throughout the process of production and sale, is fundamental in an effective management, and especially essential from the legal and sanitary point of view, in perishable products, sanitary, with expiration date, obsolescence , etc.

How to control the traceability in ByComercial?
Each product has attribute fields such as batch, expiration, barcode, etc., which allows us to identify the products by those fields and make sales according to our needs of haste in that aspect. You can include special prices for nearby expiration products, or accumulated lots.

The sales people can see the products with traceability details that are considered interesting, which can also be ordered to improve the presentation to customers. What does this mean? Well, if we have products that we want to offer with a sales preference, we can include them at the beginning, or in the most important pre-sale sections, so that they appear at the beginning. You have to remember that there is the possibility of editing prices, or changing the price mode, from an initial PVP that is always visible, and that will be higher, so that the customer’s perception is always a discount or promotion.

The color, shape, size, dimensions, model, date of manufacture, … all this and more are considered attributes of the product, which differentiate it from an almost equal product. Even the additional shipping price by volume can be considered an attribute, in certain cases, when the product in question is outside the normal amount of the rest of the products for sale.

Advantages of selling with commercials
No doubt a customer will choose the products with greater durability advantages, more recent model, etc., but the commercial can offer hidden advantages over other products, such as price, additional discount when buying combined, last opportunity. This can not be done by an online store, because it does not have the combined effect of person-to-person treatment.