The retail company has to adapt to the new normal in order to generate new margins by selling products. The way to create new lines of business is also to create new sales channels. Although the main sales channel is the physical shop, they must also position themselves in the online environment to generate new income, new margins and create a sales format that can be the same as with the physical shop or with new production lines to promote the use of the brand already created and the communication system with the customer, which in this case has a competitive advantage over an online shop that does not have a physical environment.

Our online shop system allows small retailers to do business online without having to create a large investment.

Multichannel or the secret of success

It is clear that owning a retail shop today is for the brave. With the number of macro companies in the sector, giants and competition everywhere, maintaining a small, neighbourhood or shopping centre shop is a risk. But it’s about creating new strategies, all the time. If you are a bakery and selling bread is your business, sell cupcakes to create profit. That’s creating competitive advantages. You have to know where your business can compete with others that compete with you on price, size. In many cases it’s about looking at the business as something broader, where the solution is not one but several things together. If you are competing against a big company you can’t try to be a big-small. You have to stand out where the big one can’t:

Emotions are a good ally

Big companies have a bad reputation because they are not close, they do not give a person-to-person service, and everybody assumes that they make a lot of money without giving anything back. That’s why a small company has to offer the intimacy and closeness that a big company by definition cannot. There are premises of 5 square metres that give a feeling of minimalism and human warmth that a department store could never offer. In addition, you can offer real advice, which will never be comparable with comments.

Real advisors – what are they?

Real people give us information about what is best to buy, and that information is what any shopper is looking for when they want to activate the endorphins in their brain that generate half the satisfaction of a purchase. That process cannot be imitated by any online shop at the moment because the retailer who has a physical shop can add to his sales capacity. That is the great potential of a retailer.

Of course there is always the disadvantage of having to spend the customer in a physical environment getting them to come in, look at the products, and then go into the shop.

But it is clear that once they enter the shop we can capture all their attention, or most of their attention, with visual elements, colours, smells, positions of the items, I all elements that are impossible to imitate for now in an online shop.

I can’t have all the items in the shop

Clearly one of the main problems of a physical shop is the limitation of the physical space.

That is why it is necessary to have as wide a catalogue as possible in another type of environment. For that reason, having an online catalogue system will allow in case we don’t have an article available at that moment, for example a colour, a size, or a specific variation, to have the option to present it in a virtual way, and offer the option to send it directly to the customer’s home, so the customer will always be more satisfied than just looking at it on the Internet.

How to use the online catalogue?

Having an online catalogue means having a virtually unlimited amount of products with all possible variations. This allows a physical shop to expand its stock of products without having to keep it physically. For example, if I have an article, for example a garment in a certain colour and size, I can offer any type of colour and any type of size, but at the same time present a product physically that can be touched and its appearance can be partially appreciated even if it does not have the size of the specific size of the specific colour.

To do this you must have a system like is very interesting because I have to have an online shop that is nothing more than an online product catalogue in a simple way without large investments and with the possibility of having in a physical environment an online catalogue every time it is an online shop.

Selling outside the shop

Every retailer should not miss the opportunity to sell outside the shop. The online shop acts as a virtual shop window 365 days a year.

But there is also the option of using commission-based sales tools for small entrepreneurs who have a person associated with them who, without being professionals in the sector, can carry out product sales operations on a small scale through a Virtual application system with a catalogue for salespeople.

If another commercial margin is around 25 to 30 %, we can offer non-professional commercials a commission amount of 15 or 20 % for example. In that way I will find people who want to generate an average income of 200 to 300 € per month, something that can be considered the future of mini-jobs in the commercial transactions administration and that for a retailer’s activity can mean an increase in turnover of around 30 to 40 %.

How can sales commissions be set up?

The sales application with commercials allows the incorporation of a multiplication modality. With this mode of multiplication, the manager of the online shop and the sales management system with sales representatives can assign each sales representative a determined price where his commission can be incorporated. The sales representative can always see the final sale price of the product and at the same time he can know the commission that would be assigned to him in the event of the sale.

As already mentioned, this system will allow a non-professional salesman to sell a series of products at a low price, which does not involve a great expenditure of time or effort on his part, here commissions between 200 and 300 € depending on the sales margin and depending on the type of product.

This system is very profitable for both parties.

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