The best way to get subscribers is for them to be both subscribers and sellers at the same time. How do you do that? Isn’t it turning subscribers into influencers? Can they misuse that commission and create a product that is altered in value?
The recommendation we have made about this system uses the online shop as the basis of a product catalogue and the associated technologies: app for subscribers or external sales people, as an element to incorporate special prices on which a seller can use some people to sell their products. This system of subscribers or external commercials can be considered a street dropshipping, because these subscribers do not manufacture or send anything, they only sell in exchange for a commission (to be negotiated in each case). But it has advantages for everyone:

Subscribers (external commercial)

-Extra income.
-Compatible with other incomes.
-No timetables.
-Easy to sell: environment, proximity,…
-Use of a mobile phone or tablet. No additional costs.

Seller (owner of the online shop)

-More sales.
-Minimum investment. Affordable technology.
-Brand building.
-Another sales channel.
-Subscribers can be physical shops that do not need extra storage.

The concept of omni-channel, which is in vogue, involves online, offline and direct sales. Large, medium and small channels need to be opened up. Everything counts. Of course, investing thousands of euros in any new channel without guarantees is complex, and even excessive technology fees. But if you use the technology to use the online shop, subscribers and even coordinate with offline sales, the start-up cost is very affordable. Then of course come the customisations. But if we think about what a “normal” shop front costs, or the opening permit, is the investment in technology usable anywhere expensive?
Some features:
-Assign specific categories to subscribers. They only see what you want them to see.
-Assign prices
-Assign customers
-Combine professional and amateur commercials.
-No need to spend data, and with the advantage of usability in low coverage areas.
Reflections are needed. The concept is to start with the basics, and then invest and grow. Can you do it? Yes. allows it.