As is the case all over the world today, we want things to happen yesterday, without waiting and without complicated selection processes. If you need an online store, a catalogue to sell with commercials, I want it now, in a few minutes, and I don’t want to ask for an estimate, have a commercial call me, tell me my needs, receive a proposal and answer, and then wait again.

That is why we have made a Plug and Play tool. The registration is the only step to be done, and to be able to use the FREE version, with which to check the usefulness of the system, even to stay in that version if what I need is adjusted.

The world wants and needs to make decisions in real time, without complicated systems with tedious configurations. Bycomercial is anything but complicated. It’s designed to sell, online and offline. It’s the paradigm of direct selling.

Catalogue sales
Sales with commercials
Sale online
Sales for suppliers
Sales for distributors
Sale of third party products. Dropshipping

You have an Online Store with a modular design, designed to search and find products easily.

Professional customers
If your customers are professionals you must offer certain features that are not available in standard online stores. You must be able to include stocks, prices without taxes (professional customers can usually deduct these taxes), add to the shopping cart easily, prices according to customer, etc. These elements are very important for selling to professional customers.

Private customers
Likewise, if you need to sell to private customers, you must have a final sales system, with telematic payment, delivery system, etc.

Virtual Catalogue
This is the great advance over any other CMS or online sales system. It allows direct sales in an easy way with commercials that see all or part of the products. That way you can offer sales commissions to third parties who get sales. This system allows wholesalers and distributors to synchronize their products easily.