Bycomercial is dedicated to helping those companies (brick-and-mortar) that do not have extensive online sales sites, so that online products can be updated according to in-store inventory. Its goal is to help these retailers to be able to compete with giants like Amazon.

One of the problems these stores are currently offering is that they lack online inventory, making it difficult for consumers to see if the products they need or want are geographically close.

For some time now, Amazon has been expanding its reach to bring all kinds of items into more and more homes, with improvements in delivery times. ByComercial’s intention is to “make things better for local retailers”, so that consumers can find the same products in nearby stores, through an online store with stock control connected to a nearby sales app.

By means of a barcode reading system, the incoming and outgoing stock can be updated, both from physical sales and from online sales. In addition, it is easy to make the products available to customers and neighbourhood salespeople, offering the latter commissions on sales.

Thousands of products updated in a simple way
You only need one file in spreadsheet format to update the products: description, prices, stocks, categories, …
It is attached and ready. This simplifies the process of product control that normally requires either doing it manually or synchronizing it with complicated programs.