The process of disappearance of the retail is a fact. In any newspaper we see every day news about how large marketplaces monopolize consumption and large chains of presence in shopping centers bet on different online sales system, or service changes while maintaining the physical presence of its stores.

The future lies in having systems of zero stocks and cross-selling systems with alternative to traditional systems. With a public more and more accustomed to not see or try things before acquiring them, direct purchase is a growing market. ByComercial offers the possibility of an infinite catalog of products to sell from a small space, with all the combinations of sizes, colors, sizes, etc. without the need to have an immense stock. The product can be sent home later, and the bags in hand disappear.

In addition, the sale can go on the street or even turn a store into a cafeteria where you can browse through a catalog, while you drink something. Of course if you have doubts an assistant or personal shopper will advise you, you can bring a sample and at the end manage your purchase, which in a few days will get you home. If I need to return, I can go back for another coffee.

This sales system is already available with ByComercial with brand customization.