This commercial strategy allows companies to differentiate themselves from the competition through their goods and services. Thanks to the available technology, it can become a business opportunity for SMEs.

When the markets are filled with competitors and begin to become saturated, the user seeks to feel different from the mass. This is what we believe in our business strategies department, which understands that the personalization of products and services is a way to achieve this differentiation, in addition to constituting a thriving business opportunity, especially in electronic commerce.
This technique allows consumers to participate in the process of creating the product from the options that the brand offers them. The main benefit is loyalty. The strength of the relationship with the user grows because he feels more linked to our brand, because it is giving him that differentiating space and because he is being treated in that differential way with respect to the mass. That process is profitable, but also a long way to go. That’s why having a robust technology, that we don’t have to spend time on improvements, updates, security, hosting control,… means a lot of sales. Outsource without this meaning giving up benefits.