Thousands and thousands of products, with variants, sizes, brands, suppliers, categories, availability, fluctuating prices. How to manage it? With expensive ERP systems linked to other even more complex systems. With an impossible learning curve, and with the impossibility of continuing with a dual system, with the previous version and the new one.

This scenario is the reason for an insufficient digitalization, which will make this type of company a favorable market for large corporations, which can assume this digitalization and sell large quantities, offer low prices on some products and obtain margins on others.

But the revolution has arrived: Bycomercial allows you to load in a few minutes thousands of references, brands, images, … from csv in such a simple way that you will not understand why it is not done this way for everything. To have that catalogue available in such a short time, and to update stocks, prices, brands, categories, etc. Without expensive implantations. Register and start adding products.

The problem of a sector with such a variety of products and rotation, is that you must have a fast order system. Create an order quickly, reuse old orders. Create orders from the web (we say orders because it is probable that the payment will be made in 30,60,90 days) but with the possibility of telematic payment.

No problem. Orders are simple, with quick sample images, 2 types of views, ability to alter prices on the fly, create discounts, infinite prices for promotions, special customers, etc. Not only at a commercial level but also at a web level. Yes of course, each client can have their own prices to be able to offer in a differentiated way. Much more than a final customer online store, but with all the features of woocommerce and the power of magento or prestashop.

I need commercials, but I don’t want them to see all my products
Sure. The commercials can only see the categories we assign them. Even categories unique to them. All control is important.