If you are a commercial Director and you must manage your sales team, this interests you. The digitalization of the management is not using the mail, the whatsapp, the drive, etc. It is about using specific tools for each service. Sales management is not a call center, nor can it be done with a list of products, we can not even depend on the internet coverage we have. For this we must have:

1. Route control system. We must know where our commercial resources have been at all times to assign alternatives and verify waiting times, delays, route optimization, …

2. Creation of orders. A commercial agent should not take more than 2-3 minutes to generate an order to a replacement customer for a product base of 5-6,000 products. For this, the optimization of presentation, ordering, loading, searches, and order generation must be the key to the tool.

3. Real time. Updates should be quick but not the basis of the technology. If you use a cloud system, if it is powerful it is slow.

4. The commercial has the power to sell. The system must allow the commercial agent to sell, and for that it must have order edition, base price adjustment, etc. If you just teach things and prices we are losing sales capacity.

5. Simplicity Managing 5 commercials should be as simple as managing 500. Statistics and common graphics and on request allow to analyze numerical information. Also in advanced plans there are additional modalities of evolutionary data control (Big Data)

ByComercial has thought about all that and also has the ability to adapt to your needs.

What is ByComercial for a sales director?

1. Virtual Catalog. It is an application for mobile devices, with restricted access per commercial.
2.Offline. No need for internet for your use, only for the processes of sending the order and updating.
3. You have a mobile, you have commercials. No expense in additional resources.
4. Easy Project. Simple, without the need for tutorials, videos, training.