The shipments in the online stores of ByComercial are like the payment system absolutely free, configurable and without additional fees.

The shipping system will depend if you are dropshipper, or you send your products directly, so you can also integrate the traceability of the distribution with your online store.

We recommend a scalable shipping system. Start with a shipping company account, no fees. Set up your delivery system with a reasonable deadline without catching your fingers, to avoid delays that damage your image. In any case, the main delivery companies have premium services of prompt delivery that are more expensive.

If your store grows, you can look for intermediate shipping management systems that negotiate very tight prices with different companies to improve your costs. That way you could enter the game of free shipping, passing on the costs of shipping among all buyers, and rewarding buyers who repeat.

What problem does the shipment have?
The main problem with the shipment is that the delivery is made by another person. When you sell online the only person who has direct contact with the customer is the delivery person, the only one who interacts physically. As if it were your avatar, it’s your figure, your appearance, your brand, what you see. The package is enclosed in cardboard, without color, protected. The Flex only want to distribute and leave, and if that means leaving it to the neighbor, it will still be worse than the dealer himself, who will call and make a face of “what you asked for”, because that is the last mile experience your store will have.

Give yourself, be the salesman and the delivery man. Of course only with local products with local customers, but the ability to give more than a package is unbeatable. For repetition or replacement products, this system will give us more and can never be copied.