Online sales are on the rise, but in this universe of competition and potential customers, obtaining adequate results means having competitive tools and new ways of selling. In this article we will propose a system for selling online and offline that helps to get your sales plot.

An online shop (also available on the web for dealer orders), with all the features of existing formats. In this respect there is nothing new except a very interesting trial price. Free up to 100 products. Which allows you to use it without more for small businesses or entrepreneurs who are starting.

Selling and competing in the online world is very complicated. But the sale of proximity, personal or through commercials, despite its fame, has many advantages over the online system.
-Our customers are ours and trust us.
-We change prices at our own discretion and on the fly.
-Recurring sales.
-Selling by catalogue is well known.
-To offer an additional service. The experience of the seller.

But what does it consist of?
It’s about using the sales force, combined with online sales.

Example 1 ByCommercial user
Entrepreneur who wants to sell through various channels products that he or she manufactures himself or herself. They need a simple online tool that has many functionalities, but which are not essential to begin with.

ByComercial user example 2
Sell other people’s products, with dropshipping, or with purchases at specialized wholesalers. They are sold online, but above all with commercial work. It does not want complex tools, but to pass of the catalogue in paper, of the mail, of the telephone, of the whatsapp to the digitalization. You don’t have time to learn.

Data to take into account
-Unlimited users
-Up to 100 products is free
-Online Shop + Virtual Catalogue