In spite of the continuous drops of retail distribution companies due to the push of the big MarketPlace online, some distribution chains seem to have done their homework and are surviving and something more to this global crisis.

As an example Carrefour, the French brand has highlighted with improvements in their numbers, thanks to a strategy designed and executed in recent years that we summarize:

Bet on online sales. Something that seems logical, but that some large companies have resisted to execute by tradition or by short-term cost savings.
Improve current sales channels. Improve physical stores with new formats, understand the environment and the differentiation of each city, or region helps to improve the knowledge of the needs in each place.
Organic products. You have to look for the margin where it is located. The massive purchase has given way to smart shopping, or at least in some consumers. The knowledge of the information allows to adapt.
Shipping home Consumers appreciate the possibility of avoiding the transportation of their products, even making the purchase in person.
Timeouts. The current client does not want to spend hours and hours in the mall and the mere fact of imagining so much leisure time dedicated to the purchase eliminates the desire to go to a shopping center. That’s why everything that improves the time of purchase, queues, access, discomfort, appreciate it.
Related sales Use the locations to incorporate other businesses that are clearly useful for the client.

All this has improved the adaptation of this brand and allows you to bet on a more promising future.