To improve the current returns from the sale of your products, you have to improve all the external decision-making processes. With the new Tobin tax, if you sell through Amazon you will have to assume either an increase in the price of your products or a decrease in your profits. This makes it more and more attractive to create your own online shop.

We recommend that you use an online shop creation system that allows you to grow little by little, without large investments. You should promote your brand, your domain and focus on that before looking for complex systems that initially you don’t need and probably can’t handle.

Having an online shop for 19,00€ per month

Having a fully operational online shop does not have to be expensive. You can use very powerful technology that allows you to include your entire product category in a very simple way, without making large investments.

For that has available several versions of online shop from a totally free version with a duration of 30 days of use so you can check all the utilities you have and make you aware that having an online shop as a sales element compatible with other types of sales channels, it is totally feasible for entrepreneurs, retailers, and any type of business you want to do.

Without programming anything

This type of online shop is designed for people who have no knowledge of computers.

It is to work an online shop as you work with WhatsApp or Facebook.

That is to say, you upload the product and put it on sale in a very simple way.

Your only investment will be to promote your own product as a catalogue through the channels you normally use.

In other words, it is designed for people who have no computer knowledge but who need or want to have an online shop in a simple way.

How many products can I sell?

Each modality or pack allows you to sell as many products as you need. We have thought that 1000 products for the cheapest version is enough, but if you need to include more you can easily increase this number.

Payment systems

We have included PayPal as a generic payment system.

Other payment systems can be included according to the needs of each client.

To do this you should contact the communication services of and request another payment system.

Plugins or updates

All updates to the online shop are free of charge.

If the user needs any plugins or additional usability, he can contact our team of developers.

In a natural way is including plugins and new features to improve the usability of the customer many of them are completely free and some include pay-per-use services.


The system allows the use of commercials to sell your product. What does this system consist of? It is a new system in which you can include commercials that can be professionals or non-professionals to sell your products. With an Android app you can synchronise the products in your online shop so that third parties can sell them in a catalogue sales system similar to sales with sales representatives. The system is so simple that in 10 minutes anyone can learn how to use it and include it as an additional sales system.

The commissions or payment system you choose with the sales people can be made at your discretion.

You can create special categories for sales with sales people without them seeing other categories.