The way of promoting any website is changing in such a way that any article is no longer valid almost immediately.

  • Small websites for specific services
  • Promote specific items on social networks
  • Promote the brand and not the product
  • Viral
  • Emotional
  • Neuromarketing
  • Counter-marketing
  • The process of doing nothing or even avoiding advertising and potential advertising obscurantism to achieve the opposite effect.
  • Prescribers
  • Influencers
  • Microinfluencers

Within this amalgam of possibilities that exist and of which we have given some examples, there are options with a considerable investment, but there are other more affordable options that seek creativity or rather reward creativity to the detriment of investment in advertisements or traditional relevance.

How can small e-commerce compete with big e-commerce?

The shopping experience, specialisation and product knowledge, as well as good visibility and the execution of simple marketing campaigns, optimise the potential of any online shop.

There are notable differences between large online shops and the other, smaller ones. According to a recent study, which evaluated traffic and conversion, the larger ones receive much more traffic and, thanks to their investment in SEO and SEM campaigns, they appear more frequently when a potential consumer makes a generic search on Google.

The conversion rate, which indicates the percentage of visits that bought a product, also differs. One of the surprising things is that the quality of traffic is not what is changing the situation. In general, smaller shops, whether online or offline, have a lower conversion rate, which forces them to make a greater effort to generate sales. This is mainly due to the fact that smaller shops do not have recurring or intensive users, i.e. they do not trigger impulse or leisure purchases. To improve this process it is necessary to make stylistic changes, to focus on the details, on the micro tip, on what allows the small and not the big.

Purchasing processes are longer and more things influence them. We insist on generating more visibility, more channels, simplicity and power, image, information. The modern, sophisticated consumer buys based on information and perception.

They are looking for good products at good prices, in places where I like to shop. This last concept is important. The shopper must enjoy shopping.

How to achieve this in an online shop?
The best online shop is the one that motivates you to browse. We will propose keys to achieve this.