The management of orders using commercial tools for mobile devices is expanding, but it is not all gold that shines.

  1. Integrated APP with billing tool. There are commercial sales applications related to billing tools, which as such were designed and designed to accompany billing tools, but not to sell. Generate orders, generate them, but not efficiently, with functionality and personalization.
  2. Virtual catalog without advanced management. They are catalogs very oriented to the mobile device, with great functionalities, some without sense as the signature of the integrated client (something that amazon distributors no longer use), because it is meaningless to consider a scribble a proof of agreement, in addition to a gesture of lack of unnecessary trust.
  3. Virtual catalog where each additional commercial costs a cost. If expanding your sales network means investing in the tool whenever you want to move forward there will be a brake. Scalability is essential.
  4. Catalog yes, and the online store for new and existing customers? If your commercials are not available or you have to place an extra order, how does a regular customer? Do you enter your online payment store and make the purchase as “any”? Surely you find it unsatisfactory to have to buy and pay when normally you have special payment terms, special prices, etc. A parallel web environment is absolutely necessary for your customers to place orders in an automated way, knowing the stock at all times, with personalized prices, and without having to call or send messages.
  5. Integration with ERP. If an ERP is available, it is possible to require the integration of the commercial catalog system with said system.

Therefore, we recommend BYCOMERCIAL as a sales tool with commercials, designed to sell and manage orders. With unlimited commercials. Integrable with any ERP of the market. With its own product management system within the app. With a unique order generation system in the market for speed and operability. And much more…