Telematic payment is essential in an online store regardless of its technology. In the online stores that you have available in ByComercial, the payments are always safe and with the system you want. Request your preferred system and we will implement it (see conditions).

Virtual POS
Cash on delivery

The commissions that require these payment systems are the ONLY commissions that you will have to face. ByComercial has no commissions of any kind. There is no commission for sale.

You create your store
You configure your payment system and sell.
You receive the amount in your account

No advertising in your stores for free
There is no traffic limitation
No user limitation
No limitation of commercials
There is no order limitation

Is it worthwhile to hire a payment system?
Payment systems are not free, but having several involves getting more sale possibilities, or at least avoiding full baskets failed. There are always more useful payment methods depending on the culture, the country, or the relevance of the web that sells. If the payment system comes with years of experience, it is known, and it does not imply giving additional data it will be very convenient to have it.

They are Online Stores in which you pay a fee and you no longer have to think about anything, just to sell.