To have an online store without programming knowledge, without difficulties, in a simple way.
Register, publish and sell as easy as handling a social network. To sell online you do not need to invest much time and money, and even less when our business is not based on this channel.

You can have an online store without the need for a shipping system, because all customers are local and pick it up themselves.

You can create several simple products by uploading a mobile photo of loaves, pastries, and even related products. The customer places the order, pays it by paypal, by bizum, or simply reserves it for collection and payment on the spot.

Butcher’s shops
Meat on sale, of the day,… it is so easy to take a photo, upload the article with its price, and on the spot it is published for your customers to choose and buy it.

Hardware store
I have hundreds of products. I’m adding little by little, and what the client wants is to know that in a while he will be able to pick up what he needs, without waiting. When his order is ready, we send him a whatsapp and he approaches.

Neighbourhood stationery
I need to sell more and my customers don’t want to wait at the door. I don’t think any of them will stand on the street without being able to get in. I can keep upping my products, and although I can’t compete for price with online sales, textbooks, and materials I know I have to sell them because I prepare them and pick them up.

The commissions I am charged by the food markets are very large. It “eats” up my margin. I can upload my dishes myself, with their prices, combinations, etc. and change prices and make offers on the fly…all very simple, like doing it on Facebook, but with a payment system and my own website, but without knowing anything about computers. I have to make “delivery” but on my own.

Spare parts shop
I always think it’s better for the client to come, but I have very little physical space, and I cannot secure social distance easily. If I upload my items customers can see it, plus I can sell to other wholesalers. I never did it because online stores are expensive, and complex. I only manage with my mobile phone and a little bit with emails. I don’t need anything else.

The concept of an online store didn’t appeal to me, but more and more people are asking me about it and I have products that I can’t display in a store. Besides being able to sell 24 hours a day, it’s important. I can promote it on social networks, which will improve the sales in the shop and the online sales.

The problem is to control the physical store with the online store
At you have modules to control the sales process of everything together. Even configure the entire billing process. Growing or linking the rest of the business is no problem.