Enter the world of online sales and you will enter the world of infinite discount. There are always offers, promotions, coupons, etc… so an online environment that prides itself must have a very, very configurable system for that type of reference.

The discount system allows you to include not only promotional elements for certain days…

Create coupons that customers can redeem not only online but also in person You can offer these coupons as a gift, as a promotion, as tickets for events, or anything else that fits your business.

Here are the main features:

  • Create Gift Cards
  • Price variation
  • Automatic coupon generation
  • Offline redeemable gift cards
  • Importing codes through a CSV file
  • Export statistics in PDF and CSV format

Bycomercial’s powerful couponing element also has management and reporting tools to help you keep track of the tools available for coupons.
create these discounts and coupons based on the product units in your customer’s cart.
Here are the main features of this plugin to create discounts in bycomercial:

  • Apply discounts based on minimum and/or maximum quantity criteria.
  • Apply discounts only to certain products or product categories.
  • Integrates the use of shortcodes

You can display information about available discounts on products in your shop, in product categories, in product files, and on individual product pages
Have your customers send a coupon code to their friends. If your friend uses the coupon code, then they will also receive a coupon code.
Here are some of the features:

  • Discount for each item line.
  • You can easily apply coupons from orders placed over the phone.
  • Compatible with fixed discounts and percentage discounts applied to the cart.
  • Coupon inventory management.