If you are an online entrepreneur, that is, your business model is to sell on the Internet, welcome to bycomercial.com This ecosystem will allow you to create your online business and grow.
ByComercial is a SaaS (Software as a Service) tool for creating your Online Store.

As with all online shops, they all have advantages and disadvantages. If you think of a wordpress you will have an impressive modularity, but beware of updates, hacker attacks, design requires knowledge, and loading speed can also be a problem. Other platforms are free, but you have to pay commission on sales. In other cases the integration with ERP is limited, or if possible it is expensive, case of Magento, Prestashop. Clearly this is a complex decision. Our advice is to bet on bycomercial.com because you can start selling in a few minutes and then include more professional options. Besides, there is no commitment to stay, you can easily go to another platform.

The domain and the brand, which is even more important than the shop itself, is always yours, even if it is hosted with us. Always check the ownership, and the possibility of migration.
The payment systems are extensive. We do not condition our platform to a particular payment system or offer you other very expensive ones.
The technology we use is very advanced, the same used by the main internet companies, to give solvency and security to your business. Our success is that of our clients. This technology allows for custom development at all levels.

Continuous improvement. You will see that we are always advancing and that you have new sections, new elements, complements, plugins etc. You dedicate yourself to selling.
We believe in the multi-universe, so you can integrate your online shop with other ways of selling: commercial, physical shops,…
Our business model is our premium services, so we can offer many features for free or virtually free. We let you try the online shop for 1 year, but we offer discounts and special promotions even longer if 1 year trial seems insufficient.

That is to say, for at least 1 year, you can sell 100 products in an online shop (sub-domain with SSL), with a recognised payment system (PayPal), with a template designed for functional usability, without having to give up practically any data, without a credit card, without confirmations by SMS. Simple and practical. If later you want or need to advance you can incorporate what you need, paying only for use.

Remember that a wordpress has the cost of the template, implementation and layout, plugins, hosting, … ie nothing free. If you compare us with other pay-per-use platforms (you do well), you will see that we have many additional advantages.


Try the FREE template and if you need an adaptation, or a new template, contact us and we will indicate other options.


Whether you have your own domain or want a new one, we can link it to your bycommerce shop. You can buy it from us, redirect it, host it. Whatever you need. The FREE version has a subdomain like https://abc123-shop.bycomercial.com but you can use a format more related to your brand

It’s free with your FREE sub-domain.

Payment system

In the FREE version you can use PayPal. Use your paypal account for your customers to pay for the products they buy. If you want to incorporate other payment methods you can contact us: Stripe, Bizum, Google Pay, …


Create your account in 1 minute, and you can start using the tool. No bank details, no card, no waiting. Try the most powerful online shop system on the market.
Categories, products,…
Add your products to sell online. Designed to be very easy and intuitive. Without programming anything. Designed for entrepreneurs who want to start their online business.

Legal texts

All legal texts must be placed on your website to inform users. In the case of an online shop, these texts must be even clearer because they must offer information about the characteristics of the sales service being offered. In the FREE version you will have a space in the footer to incorporate the main legal texts in a simple way in pdf format.


You have a shipment management system, by zones, by carriers. You will be able to assign prices according to these 2 values. For other more extensive options you must add the corresponding modules.

Your shop as a catalogue

If you have a small business or want to start in the online world of sales you need a platform with a catalogue format to display your products. If, for example, you’re an influencer in social networks, you have clothes that you want to sell, social networks can help you create your group of followers and show some of your trends, but when it comes to selling you’ll need a catalogue and a sales system. bycomercial.com allows you to easily and freely exhibit those products, set prices and a payment system (FREE version). You will be able to sell what you advertise and more.