If you are a company that wants to survive in the coming world of digitalisation you must have a sales system that allows anyone to offer your services. These people are professional or amateur salespeople, who can easily have a catalogue to offer your articles. The sale would be by way of commission or the agreement you can reach.

Advantages for all

The commercials can obtain micro income with sales that will be doing the same as it is done by converting the clothes that you do not use into a second hand article. It’s a way to make money without spending your time on it. For the owner of the shop, that is to say the manager of bycomercial, it is also advantageous because he or she gets more sales and expands his or her commercial network.


-No additional costs
-Extra income
-Multi-companies to sell: clothes, cosmetics, etc
-app without data consumption

Company owner

-Get non-professional and professional commercials
-Discriminate what everyone sees: categories, clients,…
-Activate-deactivate commercials.
-Commission for sales. No linkage with the sales staff.
-Easy to use application.