We have an e-commerce software that allows merchants to quickly set up online stores, offering them payment, inventory control and shipping tools. This is key when the virus has forced almost all physical stores to close.

We believe that the small business or the one that is very focused to grow must have technology that allows it to grow online and offline. Our software allows you to sell online with a very powerful and simple ecommerce tool. Selling through our own physical stores with a very controlled expansion growth model, with modules for monitoring stock, warehouse and billing. Another integrated strategy is selling with sales representatives with a catalog sales app for own or external sales representatives, controlling what they sell at the price they sell and geolocation, among other features.

There is the possibility of integrating both physical and online franchise stores, something new and versatile.

TPV for sale in stores and barcode reader
We integrate the sale with store TPV, to control the sale of products, the exchange of stockage, shipments, …

Many of today’s systems do not allow for a clear degree of customization. You can work at an ecommerce level with CMS with a wide degree of performance, but with problems of advanced configuration, integration with other platforms, and very basic security.

In our case we are looking for an almost infinite configuration capacity, adapted to all kinds of needs. This is the case of the billing modules, which are either too complex, or do not meet the specific needs of each business.

Creating your online business is immediate. In just a few minutes you can register and create your sales environment. And to grow with the available modules it is an equally quick and easy process.

Support is the most complex part of a stand-alone system. We don’t believe in webinars, which because they are courses, cannot address specific needs. We take care of each user (see plans) so that they can grow with us. That is our priority.

Payment system
You can integrate any payment system: PayPal, TPV, G-Pay, Apple-pay, bizum, Stripe, …

You may need an integration with some software or defined application. Check out our integration API’s.

Data is everything, and although an SME may think that its data does not provide information beyond sales, expenses, etc., cross-checking singular data provides a lot of crucial information. For example: It is possible to determine that the costs of shipping products on Friday afternoons, harm the profitability of the sale in premises. Or that the profitability of an area is higher if products from other vendors are also offered. The value of aggregate data and the technology we use to make inferences about productivity will give a very important value to the use of bycommercial by any company.

Everything to sell and grow. The digitalization of SMEs is our goal. At present there is no point in doing business in isolation, or secession of sales concepts. It is impossible to grow with real productivity if each sales model within the overall strategy of a company, even if it is a SME is totally separate. It is not possible to control anything, if each thing goes on its own. And for that not to happen everything must be linked: products, commercials, shops, stocks, shipments, prices, margins, expenses, …