There are 2 elements of the sale of products with a high replacement rate that are important: traceability and stock control. To these we can add the batch and expiration for perishable products.


The monitoring of a product throughout its life cycle: manufacturing, distribution, sale, etc.

As a concept we can say that it is the set of those pre-established and self-sufficient procedures that allow knowing the history, location and trajectory of a product or batch of products along the supply chain at a given time, through some tools determined.

How to use ByComercial to control traceability?

We control everything related to:
– Order made to the supplier
-Date of delivery of provider (Exit)
-Date of reception in warehouse (Entrance)
-Customer who has bought
-Commercial that has sold
-Date of sale
-Sale price
-Sale order
-Shipping date
-Support status

Stock control is important or very important. The problem is the complexity that all the elements of the management system are coordinated for stock control. If you have an ERP, or a CRM that already has that data you must synchronize it with everything else.

How can I add it to ByComercial?
In a very simple way there is a tool to “upload” it, and if you need a synchronization they are also available for the main platforms. Check it