An online shop that can work as a social shop will allow users to spend a lot of time browsing. To achieve this, we have often mentioned the need to promote several sales channels:

Online shop
Physical shop

This is the first step for us to provide a space for fun and entertainment. The world is like this. We want everything now, with comfort, leisure and new. That’s why the shopping experience should be the experience of life. Novelties, changes, possibilities, colours, visual, viral, eye-catching, shareable, is the new dimension of shopping centres where we don’t go shopping….we go to have a good time.

The online shop must imitate this concept. With the almost limited course of products, alternatives, singularities, information and everything related to a certain sector or product so that the user is entertained within its environment in a limited way and with very, very frequent change. The latter is very important because it is the basis of the success of social networks. Everyone thinks that the success of social media is about being able to know what others are doing or sharing, but really it is the amount of interesting or uninteresting information that we can see in a limitless environment of content. Nowadays, for example, any user checks online newspapers several times a day in the hope that the news is flowing at the same speed with which they update their data. This forces such an environment to include non-essential content that can change very, very frequently.

In social networks exactly the same thing happens at first, they were designed to include content that could be kept for quite a long time in the main part of the user’s visualisation.

But as this kind of social system advances, even if it is an environment in which unlimited content from one person and one person to another happens. In an online shop it has to be more or less the same. We have to offer new content every time. The need to enter the shop must be very, very high.

  • New products all the time
  • Price changes
  • Changes of image, colour, ….
  • Categories
  • Discounts that expire
  • Descriptions that are an incentive
  • Cross-selling
  • Useful recommendations

For example in this last one we highlight the need to make interesting contributions for the customer. There are online shops that create a profile of a person and assign them a style of an interesting item according to their style, which they can try on or buy something, doing the job of a personal shopper.

All this can be done from