The great epigraph…the SEO, google was born and the SEO was born.
Here are some tricks and recommendations that will help improve the organic positioning of your Online Store.

Choose your keywords carefully
Keywords and more keywords. In an online business keywords are very important as they are used in texts, pages, images and product descriptions. Study which are the ones in your niche and the level of competition there is. You can use the Google Analytics or Google Trends keyword planner for this purpose.

Think about synonyms, because if you try to position yourself with the most common keywords in your niche, they will compete with other online stores already positioned. This does not mean that you do not use them, but if you also use synonyms that have less competition, Google will start by considering them relevant to your website.

If you are a shoe store you should use “comfortable shoes” would be interesting.

Make good use of keywords

  • Size of titles and bold in your blog, tabs and static pages There are different sizes to use for titles and subtitles on blog posts (h1, h2, h3). This also applies to your static pages (and your landing pages). Using the right font size makes the difference between a headline that attracts and awakens interest, or using the hideous supermarket signage in your neighborhood in your online store. It’s the same with bold. You should use them to highlight key words, expressions, or simply to emphasize and achieve better persuasion with language.
  • A good density of key words. If you have your online store in WordPress with Woocommerce or similar, you have a plugin to optimize the SEO of your store. In other cases, you just have to do it by “eye”. The keyword or Keyword, is the word or group of words that you want to position in search engines. They must appear several times in the texts to be relevant for indexation. If you have a blog, you will have in your hands the perfect tool to generate posts containing these keywords and increase your presence on the web. One of the purposes of a blog is to drive traffic to your store.
  • Optimize the urls. Make them SEO friendly, avoid irrelevant words (articles, prepositions, etc), include the keyword in it (just once, more could be considered spam).

How is SEO managed with a ByComercial store?
In this case you can SEO is a matter of skill with the descriptions, the words and use the experts to advise you. This system is considered the best for professional sellers, where the specific tasks of content related to the business or sector are done from within, but the more technical tasks are done by specialists. If the SEO is not carried out by specialists, it is better not to touch it.

Check that you are not penalized

  • Watch out for duplicate content. Online stores often have this problem, which is one of the most important reasons for being penalized by Google. Keep in mind that no text is copied from another website, not even the manufacturer, and do not repeat the same words on several similar products. You can use Copyscape and Siteliner to check this.
  • The other problem is getting links in an unnatural or purchased way. Run away from this tactic and don’t register your website in thousands of directories. Also be very careful with linkbuilding techniques a bit aggressive. It is preferable that you link to pages in your sector, the more relevant the better, well distributed over time and without the same anchor text always. Otherwise, Google will come with the Penguin algorithm and you’ll be in over your head.

SEO is about taking it one step at a time. You’ll always be ahead of the game and keep it that way. Surfing is not about trying to control the tides.

Optimize the loading time of your page
There are tools that check the loading time of a website: PageSpeed Insights Check and make sure your online store doesn’t take too long to load. The loading time is limited by several factors, but one of them is the weight of the images. In Worpress you can avoid this with cache plugins, on platforms where you don’t have control over the hosting or the CMS, it may be more complicated.

Check all your links
One of the monthly checks to be done is the link check. Many will be generated in an online store, so it is important that you check if they are active. Having no active links causes lost searches and possible penalties. It’s a not very nice job but very necessary. You can use Check my Links for this.

ssl certificate
Since September 2019, the SSL security certificate is an important factor in Google’s web positioning. If you have an ecommerce business you should have this certificate. Why? Because you work with bank and confidential data of your clients. In online sales, the security factor is essential. If a customer enters your website and a warning appears that the site is not secure, forget about seeing that customer again.

El SEO incluye muchos más aspectos.