The distributors of any sector spend the day on the phone and with it, moving from visit to visit. Despite new technologies and online stores, their customers still prefer that their trusted salesperson visit them regularly and offer them novelties, discounts or simply replenish them with merchandise. They can not waste time looking at and comparing prices and quality on different websites, preferring professional contributions and the immediacy of personal contact.

That’s why ByComercial is the perfect tool for distributors and wholesalers who need an agile tool designed for them. No complex functionalities that you will never master or simply do not need. Your goal is to show and sell.

  • No need for internet
  • With any device
  • With organized products
  • Orders that are not lost
  • Search for any product in a thousand ways and fast
  • Last minute changes: add, remove, change prices, …
  • Multicommercial, but unmixed

In short for less than € 1 / month per commercial you have the best sales system.

  • No need to print anything
  • Without permanence
  • With technical support

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