Retail and neighborhood sales are not at odds with the sale through social networks, where contacts, even those close to us, access a lot of information related to ourselves through the public and private profiles we have.

Therefore, if we dedicate ourselves professionally or semi-professionally to the sale of products we must use social networks to help spread our message among as many people as possible.

1. Includes information of interest.
Although our goal is to sell, if we give relevant information about the article or accompany it with something eye-catching, you will find followers and friends who want to know what you offer.

2. Contribute your experience.
If you sell something you should know it and offer your knowledge to improve the shopping experience. It adds possibilities, ways to improve its use, adaptations, and everything that the client will appreciate as improvement over what a conventional online store can offer.

3. Invite to talk.
Speaking is the best selling and convincing system. People are empathetic and we like to get excited about what we do and buy. If you help create that feeling, the possibilities increase.

4. Price.
The customer likes to find the best at the best price. Internet allows comparison, but it is not so easy. Help your customer compare and convince him.

5. Cross sale.
The product that the client is looking for sometimes is not the one that wants or is not the one that suits him. You can influence your purchase decision with arguments for improvement, savings, future, and everything a personal Shopper does with style and sympathy.

6. Simple payment system.
Now selling is easy because paying online is also easy. If your contacts are trusted, use free and trusted online payment systems such as PayPal, Bizum, etc. that allow you to send amounts of money very quickly and easily.

7. Send the product.
If you are customer-friends you can deliver the product yourself. That generates a trust that no large ecommerce platform has. Loyalty your customers and they will be customers again.

8. Multivendor
To keep you, you must grow. That is the great truth of the business economy. Although your purpose is small and sporadic sales, you always have the possibility of increasing the products and offers to your customers. The advantage of social networks is that they do not require considerable effort.

9. From your mobile.
Without major investments, from your mobile device, managing the tools you know add your link to your store bycomercial and offers products that you already know they want to be the reference among your social group.